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The Archives has just made a new informational circular available for researchers!  NC State Archives 1812 records circular

Historical Publications

The Historical Publications Section of the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources currently has two  War of 1812 books—North Carolina and the War of 1812 and Destitute Patriots: Bertie County in the War of 1812.

Sarah McCulloh Lemmon,  North Carolina and the War of 1812.   ISBN 978-0-86526-087-0              $10.00

Author Sarah Lemmon examines the state’s involvement in the “Second War of American Independence” on land and at sea. Topics include the political background of the conflict, war preparations in the state, the success of officers from North Carolina in battles on the northern front, the importance of privateers, British raids on the North Carolinacoast, participation in the war against the Creek Indians, and the conclusion of the war.

Gerald W. Thomas, Destitute Patriots: Bertie County in the War of 1812. ISBN 978-0-86526-412-0      $15.00

Although North Carolina was not the scene of combat during the War of 1812, her residents and officials were concerned with potential British invasions and the state of defenses along the coast and inland sounds. Destitute Patriots documents in great detail the contributions and sacrifices of the citizens of Bertie County in the context of North Carolina’s preparations for war. Militiamen and regular army troops from the county lacked basic military equipment and supplies. Of particular note is the fact that many of these men did not receive their military pay until years after the end of the war.

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4 Responses to Research & Genealogy

  1. Pauline Mitchell Via says:

    How do I learn what happened to this man in the War of 1812?

    David Mitchell, Mids. rank, 18 June 1812. See Book D, ordered to Wilmington, NC from Onslow, NC., 9 July 1813, on bd. the Rattlesnake.

    American Prisoners of War Held at Halifax During the War of 1812; Vol 1, page 279. Transcribed by Harrison Scott Baker II: Mitchell, David Prisoner 6577. Rank: Midshipman. From: Rattle Snake, Sloop of War. Captured: 11 July 1814 off Shelburne by HMS Leander Interned: 15 July 1814. Discharged: 14 Mar 1815. Received from Leander. Union 7 Transport for Salem.

    • nc1812 says:

      I will forward your inquiry to some of our staff as well as to the Daughters of the War of 1812. Perhaps someone can help you fill in the gaps!

  2. Bryan Tomberlin says:

    My GGGGrandfather was David Tomberlin. I found him in the 1814 Muster-3rd Reg-14th Company for NC troops in the War of 1812. I would like to find out more information about him and his regiment during the war. Can you give me some help as to where I can look? Thanks for your time.

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