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War of 1812 and the Backcountry symposium: Dr. Gary Freeze and Salisbury’s local connection

Dr. Freeze’s ongoing local heritage project in Catawba County—fifty miles west of the college—is considered to be path-breaking in the compilation and writing of county history. He has written three books in the last decade, the last being Carolina Arcadia: … Continue reading

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War of 1812 in the Backcountry symposium – Howard Kittell of the Hermitage

Howard is the President & CEO of The Hermitage, the home of President Andrew Jackson in Nashville, TN. It is one of the oldest presidential museums in the United States, established in 1889. The Hermitage tells the story of Andrew Jackson’s rise … Continue reading

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Video of Don Hickey, nationally recognized as a leading scholar of the War of 1812

Don’s talk was entitled “What we Know Ain’t So: Myths of the War of 1812.”  We learned about ten overarching myths of the War of 1812 and he easily explained to us why these things we thought we knew aren’t … Continue reading

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