War of 1812 Timeline


June 18 – US declares war on Britain

August 27 – Otway Burns and Edward Pasteur obtain a privateer’s license for their vessel, The Snap Dragon. The vessel, the most famous of a number of North Carolina privateers, will capture 42 British vessels worth nearly $4,000,000 cruising during the following two years

Fall and winter of 1812-1813 – recruiting for US Regular army in North Carolina – detachments of the 1st U.S. Rifle Regiment, 10th U.S. Infantry, 18th U.S. Infantry, and 43rd U.S. Infantry take place in North Carolina.

September 21 – North Carolinian Captain Benjamin Forsyth of the 1st U.S. Rifles leads a raid on Gananoque in Ontario, Canada


February 22 – Major (promoted) Benjamin Forsyth and his detachment of the 1st U.S. Rifles are defeated at the Battle of Ogdensburg, NY

April 27 – Major Forsyth and the 1st U.S. Rifle Regiment lead the American assault on York, Ontario (Present day Toronto)

May 25-27 – Major Forsyth and numerous North Carolinians of the 1st U.S. Rifles take part in the siege of Fort George at present day Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada

July 11-12 – a British expeditionary force and fleet led by Admiral George Cockburn land troops at both the villages of Ocracoke and Portsmouth on the North Carolina Outer Banks, intent on replenishing supplies

Spring, Summer, and Fall of 1813 – recruiting for US Regular army in North Carolina – detachments of the 3rd U.S. Rifle Regiment take place in western North Carolina

December 1813 – the 7th North Carolina militia regiment is called to active duty and sent to join Andrew Jackson’s army fighting against the Creeks in Alabama and Georgia.


April 1, 1814 – the 7th North Carolina militia regiment enters into Creek territory and garrison various forts such as Fort Decatur and Fort Bainbridge

June 28 – Lt. Col. (promoted) Forsyth is killed in action at the battle of Odelltown near Lake Champlain in Canada.

June 28 – The USS Wasp, commanded by North Carolinian Captain Johnston Blakeley, intercepts, captures, and burns the HMS Reindeer about 500 miles west of Ushant

July 16 – The 7th N.C. militia, having seen hardly any combat, and with their enlistments expiring, return to North Carolina.

Summer and fall of 1814 – the 1st and 5th NC militia regiments are called to active duty and sent to Norfolk, Virginia to protect that city from British attack – they see no combat, but lose numbers of men to disease

October 9 – The USS Wasp is last heard from. It is believed she sank with all hands shortly thereafter in a gale near Bermuda

December 24 – the Peace of Ghent, effectively ending the War of 1812, is signed


January 8 – Americans under Andrew Jackson defeat British at the Battle of New Orleans

February 17 – Word of the Ratification of Peace exchanged and President Madison declares war over


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